Frustrated and stressed beyond all reason, I took a lunchtime walk yesterday to clear my thoughts. Head down, speed walking through the thick crowds of tourists with no specific destination in mind. When I "came to" , I looked up to breathe and take in my surroundings. Shocked to where my legs carried me, I was at the 911 memorial pools right in front of the name of my friend's father who passed away during the attack. Such hardship and sadness I cannot even fathom, especially for him being so young to have suffered so much. In times like these when everything is tense, dim, and full of fear, we must take a moment to focus on that we all are in (general) good health, surrounded by loved ones, and woke up another day to see the light; a gift that so many do not get to experience. Appreciate your life, no matter how stressful and bleak it may seem. Hug your family and friends a little longer, a little tighter. Tomorrow is never a guarantee, so try to find the energy and will to make the best of each day.