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Explore a collection of stories of resilience and hope surrounding 9/11, as told today by New Yorkers.
Guest Reflections
Visited @Sept11Memorial today. Museum tour was an extremely powerful experience. Brought back many emotions. @ejgiovannini
"Forgetfulness is misfortune, while memory is redemption."
"Amazing place and very humbling glad i finally got to make the visit"
"What a great thing to see! Such a surreal and emotional experience"
"A beautiful day spent at the site of one of the biggest atrocities of our generation... Read more >
As I made my way down from the One World Trade Center and stepped out in the sunshine... Read more >
Spent the day @Sept11Memorial & museum. Beautiful, powerful & sobering. Sense of loss all pervasive, memory of those who died everywhere. @Abi_Zakarian
"Finally went to pay respects at GroundZero & see the @Sept11Memorial&Museum. Completely in awe of Mark Wagner's vision. Just amazing. 🇺🇸" @keriannecdotes
Frustrated and stressed beyond all reason, I took a lunchtime walk yesterday to clear my thoughts... Read more >
If any of you visit NYC...the 9/11 memorial is a must see. @NYCbus
Overwhelming incredible museum done with great dignity
Very heartfelt trip with my family and a very well done tribute... Read more >
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