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Explore a collection of stories of resilience and hope surrounding 9/11, as told today by New Yorkers.
Guest Reflections
"One of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. The 9/11 Museum was definitely emotional to say the least, but each memory and piece of history was honored so beautifully."
"Touring the 911 memorial is always filled with so many mixed emotions. Bringing our babies to the site... Read more >
"Visited the 911 Memorial today, was overwhelmed and awed by the emptiness and loss it conveyed."
"Everyone needs to go here it's beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time."
"Had an emotional evening walking around the 9/11 museum and memorials. Particularly sobering given that I now work in the World Trade Center"
"Reflecting on this rainy NYC day. Practicing gratitude... Read more >
"You don't realize how emotional it is of an experience until you visit the Reflecting Pool memorials where... Read more >
"Spent the morning at the 9/11 museum. A stunning, tragic and beautiful memorial."
"Just in case you were wondering what was at the bottom of the pool."
Visited @Sept11Memorial today. Museum tour was an extremely powerful experience. Brought back many emotions. @ejgiovannini
"Forgetfulness is misfortune, while memory is redemption."
"Amazing place and very humbling glad i finally got to make the visit"
"What a great thing to see! Such a surreal and emotional experience"
"A beautiful day spent at the site of one of the biggest atrocities of our generation... Read more >
As I made my way down from the One World Trade Center and stepped out in the sunshine... Read more >
Spent the day @Sept11Memorial & museum. Beautiful, powerful & sobering. Sense of loss all pervasive, memory of those who died everywhere. @Abi_Zakarian
"Finally went to pay respects at GroundZero & see the @Sept11Memorial&Museum. Completely in awe of Mark Wagner's vision. Just amazing. 🇺🇸" @keriannecdotes
Frustrated and stressed beyond all reason, I took a lunchtime walk yesterday to clear my thoughts... Read more >
If any of you visit NYC...the 9/11 memorial is a must see. @NYCbus
Overwhelming incredible museum done with great dignity
Very heartfelt trip with my family and a very well done tribute... Read more >
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